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What is LoveBlock?

LoveBlock (LB) is the most innovative Blockchain technology solution for online dating worldwide. Based out of our Singaporean labratory, LB is developing an infrastructure to eliminate fraud, scams and data breaches in the Online Dating industry.LB is closely working together with the hugely successful dating app Luxy ( who currently have more than 2 million users across the globe.

LoveBlock is a blockchain project with fundamental applications and mature business model

LoveBlock focuses on solving core problems of the dating industry

LoveBlock re-innovates online dating with blockchain

what is loveblock

Fundamental Application


Business Model

Solving the Core Dating Problems

Fraudulent Activity
With LoveBlock, fraud will easily be identified via our unique verification system. The information will be saved and encrypted on the LoveBlock blockchain allowing the data to be shared with other DApps. This will expose the scammers, thus preventing them from creating any more harm across the whole network.
User Motivation
With LoveBlock, each user's behavior will be quantified depending on how valuable their contribution is to the network. More positive behavior will result in greater rewards for the user, thus motivating continued and meaningful use of LoveBlock indefinitely.
Decentralized Dating
With LoveBlock, no one computer or server will house user data, preventing the security issues that have plagued the dating community for too long. On top of this each user will be able to set up personal circles made up of friends and acquaintances. Dating circle members will be rewarded for getting friends to join them and contributing to a more meaningful dating experience.

The LoveBlock Token – DDD

The DDD token stands for Decentralized Database for Dating and it will be implemented on the ERC20 standard. DDD will be the sole currency for the LoveBlock community and used for transactions across the entire DApp network. Already DDD is operational as a token for use on the hugely successful Luxy dating platform.

DDD Token Growth

Last year Luxy generated $5.5m in total revenue, the first app to use DDD. After the DDD token becomes fully operational, in-app purchases using DDD will be priced at a discount compared to any other method. As a result, the token will be in high demand, secured by its millions of users and backed by a growing audience in numerous new markets.

Increasing the Demand of a Highly Liquid Utility Token
Using the token for purchases of services in high speed growth DApps to ensure the increasing demand of DDD
Decrease of the DDD Volume
Price rise is backed by the token burn system. Token in circulation decrease for the system
Regulatory Compliance
Accordance with all laws guaranteed. Minimal risks for token owners and investors


2 000 000 Users


4 000 000 Users


7 600 000 Users


12 000 000 Users


18 000 000 Users

DDD Token Demand

Number of Users

DDD Token Price

Token Volume

In-app Token Usage Mechanics

With DDD tokens, discounted purchases can be made in the DApps compared to other currency. Prices will be positioned in 1, Fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.) and 2, DDD tokens. The latter are Ethereum-based tokens with fluctuating market price.

DDDs are Ethereum- based tokens with a fluctuating market price. With this method, users are more likely to pay with DDD. A high rise in the number of participating Dapps will boost its demand. DDD becomes one of the few tokens with high value and growth demand in circulation.

Price formation example

VIP-1 Month

Price in S
100 USD
Price in tokens equivalent in S
50 USD
Price in tokens(CrowdSale exchange rate applied)
2,050 DDD


Price in S
Price in tokens equivalent in S
100 USD
Price in tokens(CrowdSale exchange rate applied)
4,100 DDD
Tokens holders only

Token Burn Mechanics

25% of the tokens spent in Dapps will be burnt via smart contracts. This mechanics reduces the number of tokens in circulation and results in a token price rise.This is where our investors can benefit. The more popular our service is, the higher the demand for tokens from the growing audience.

DDD Usage Scenario Examples

Dating App 'Luxy' in
LoveBlock's DApp Network

Uploaded 100 data packages of fraudulent activities on the Blockchain

98 were considered as valuable and complete: 'Luxy' receives for each valuable data package 100 DDD, and in total 9,800 DDD

Provider 'Hey Single' wants to buy the 98 data files from 'Luxy'

- 'Hey Single' pays 110 DDD for every data package, 55 go to ‘Luxy’ and 55 are kept by LoveBlock. Both parties receive 5,390 DDD

- With the revenue from this transaction, LoveBlock rewards every new uploaded data on the Blockchain

- Luxy participates each time greatly when someone requests their data. Luxy can accept or deny the transaction

Date Seeker Max on
DApp 'LoveCircles'

Pays his premium membership fee on LoveBlock with 100 DDD

Posts a new moment on his profile and gets a like from Jenny what brings him 10DDD from her

- then Lara likes as next person his pictures. She 'pays' 10 DDD as well: 5 will go to Max and 5 to Jenny

- Andy is the next one who hits the Like button. He contributes with 10 DDD: 3.3 go to Max, 3.3 to Jenny and 3.3 to Lara

Max invites his friend Zac to LoveBlock and receives 20DDD

Jenny reports Max because he crossed a line when chatting with her and he has to pay 20DDD

Verification & Security System

User uploads profile picture.

LoveBlock requests the user to submit a real-time video or picture.

LoveBlock scans, matches, and verifies the video or picture using facial recognition.

User provides their unique biometric ID.

Reported and detected scams are getting verified, and if applicable the data on the Blockchain will be updated and tagged.

Updating the encrypted ID on the Blockchain for every profile picture change.

User data becomes encrypted.

LoveBlock writes the hashed, signed data onto the Blockchain.

DApps are able to exchange data about scammers and can banish them from their platform.

Scammers cannot use any dating app in the LoveBlock network any longer.

The biometric ID can help local authorities to recover defrauded property.

To learn more about the project, please have a look at white paper

Download the white-paper

LoveBlock's Partnership with Luxy

High-End Professional Dating Platform


Decentralized Database for Dating

Large user base

More than 2 Million Users Worldwide

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loveblock icon

Smart Verification and security System

Verify Biometric ID’s and securely encrypt user data on the blockchain

Security and Privacy its top priority

Strict Verification system where user privacy is valued

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Decentralized Platform

DApps can share data on fraud securely by comparing encrypted identifiers on the profiles of scammers

No.1 Dating Platform in the High-End market

Serving Successful and ambitious people with a high net worth

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User Motivation

Positive behavior will be quantified with the use of the DDD Token


Connect with the Successful and Ambitious
Download Luxy and buy premium features with DDD now!

luxy App

Road Map

2017 Q3

Team established

2017 Q4

LoveBlock anti - scam method created

2018 – 01

LoveBlock reward system designed

2018 – 02

LoveBlock foundation registered

2018 – 03

Developing LoveBlock version v0.1

2018 – 05

Luxy begins to accept DDD

2018 – 07

Private Sale starting

2018 – 09

Test network completed

2018 – 10

Reward System implemented on Luxy

2018 – 12

DDD Token issued

2019 – 02

LoveBlock version 1.0 launching

2019 – 03

'Dating Circles' transferred to functioning test application

2019 – 04

Integrating partner Dapps to LoveBlock

2019 – 06

Application based on 'Dating Circles' created and integrated into LoveBlock

Founding Members


Raffael Krause


Brenda Huang


Anish Narda


Tiffany Tang


Lena Xiao


Marie Yates


Paul Xie


Hugo Ndau


Tobias Wilms



Ahmad Piraiee


Márcio Teruel


Joe Ludewig



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